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Transform InDesign creations into dynamic assets.

Join millions of users and turn flat designs into embeddable flipbooks, mobile articles, social posts, GIFs, and more. Whether you’re an experienced InDesign user or you’re just starting out, easily export your Adobe creations to Issuu’s all-in-one publishing platform to generate a variety of creative assets for every channel. You get a seamless workflow for creating, publishing, and sharing your best designs.

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Unleash your creativity and build an audience.

Export a single design and get an entire range of assets in return to accelerate your digital publishing and content marketing capabilities. Put your work front and center and grow your audience across all channels with a powerful blend of content types — interactive publications, mobile-optimized articles, social posts, GIFs, links, QR codes, and more.

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Publish and promote your InDesign content in seconds.

Save time and simplify your creative process with smart integrations. Utilize the InDesign export to Issuu in a matter of seconds and publish all kinds of content, like a flyer, ebook, sales catalog, gift guide, or presentation. You'll discover a whole suite of benefits at your fingertips to seamlessly turn top-notch designs into dynamic flipbooks without ever switching screens or needing to do extra work.

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Bring your best work to life with interactive elements.

Whether it’s a catalog, photo album, digital brochure, city guide, or anything else in-between, export your InDesign content to Issuu and publish it in interactive formats to drive engagement. Unlock new dimensions of interest and functionality by adding web links, shopping links, and embedded videos to any page.

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Remove friction and increase visibility with no-code embedding.

Say goodbye to cumbersome email attachments. Make your work highly discoverable and accessible by embedding it on any page of your website or blog. Just copy and paste; we supply the code. Ensure a high-quality viewing experience by customizing the background colors and layout of your publication to fit your brand’s identity, too. Boost engagement by letting your digital content live where your audience is: on your website.

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Deliver true reader delight and cut your creative time in half.

InDesign enables you to craft picture-perfect designs and Issuu makes it easy to bring your content to life – two complimentary industry-leading tools that come together to deliver true reader delight. Our InDesign plugin bridges the creating-transforming-publishing gap by making it quick and easy to export your creative work directly to the web. Replace the outdated InDesign to PDF sharing process with a frictionless workflow that allows for instant access via a simple link.

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How to use the Issuu x InDesign extension:

1. After you finish creating your content in InDesign, select “Window” from the menu bar, choose “Extensions” and select “Issuu - Publish a document”.

2. Connect to your Issuu account if you haven’t done so already. 

3. Now, you can choose to either open your draft on Issuu for further editing or export it to Issuu right away. 

4. Proceed to confirm content rights before exporting it. 

5. Ready, set, and publish! Your design is now live on Issuu, where you can always edit it with our desktop editor. 

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